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2009 - One Touch Only
2009 - Fancy With You
2010 - CKM CD inside
- Wicked Game
- White Island
- Out of My Head
2012 - Never Again
2012 - Wicked Game - Kontor / Interlabel
2013 - Hear Me - Housesession


Station Country Day Time
1Mix UK Tuesday 1PM
Play Radio Lithuania Sunday 8PM
Global FM Spain Saturday 10PM
Go Deejay Slovakia Wednesday 9PM
Face Night Show Every 2nd Mondays CET 10PM-11PM
Loud! Radio FM 88.8 Saturday 2PM
Radio Fresh! Tuesday & Saturday 10PM
Radio Prahova Romania Saturday 11PM
Kurzemes Radio Latvia Saturday 9PM
Radio Star Saturday 10PM
Electronic FM. Germany Thursday 8PM
UTY FM Medari Indonesia Saturday 9-10PM



For international booking inquiries:

PBA International Artistagency
Torsten Echinger

T: +49.(0)151.11257850 | Email: | Skype: PBOOKING

Hungary Border Region: SK, Serbia, Ukraine, Transylvania

Direction's Booking
Ferenc Borsos

Mob: +36-20/9524-269 Email:



Last year Lia was in demand all over the planet, performing her stunning shows at 120 parties in more than 18 countries, appearing with such talent as Bob Sinclar and LMFAO.

Hosting the F1 race in Monaco, the MOTO GP in Brazil and the afterparty of the Monaco International Clubbing Show were just a few of her many highlights.

Lia is also a well known music composer with her widely acclaimed 'Wicked game' reaching number 2 spot in the BRITISH DANCE CHART, whilst her well received 'Hear me' has been licensed by several leading music publishers.

Lia is truly a global performer and right now, somewhere in the world, you’ll find her on her way to a club or studio..…

Linda Lia Kustánczi’s name first came to prominence in 2005 when she was a finalist in the Playmate of the Year contest. After the competition she started to be sought after as a top glamour model.

Assignments included team leader of the CKM Bikini Team and covers of such magazines such as Pesti Stílus (Pest Style), Maxim and the German SFT. She then signed an exclusive, long-term contract to become the face of AXE. Other prestigious contracts followed: she led the nationwide tour of Misso Fashion, and Viasat 3, one of Hungary’s biggest commercial television channels, chose her to represent the channel and present their reality show, Bar 2.0.

2009 was to see a new milestone in Lia’s career with her passion for music elevated to a higher level with the release of her first single, Csak egy érintés/ ‘One Touch Only’. This was followed up in 2010 by her second single, Elképzelem veled/’Fancy With You’, in which she started to fully represent her own style and which became an instant hit with Hungarian music TV and radio stations. Of course modelling was never far away for Lia and she still found time to make the cover of Pesti Divat (Pest Fashion).

In 2011 Lia totally committed herself to music and worked on perfecting her DJ-ing skills. She now plays on three CD-players, and audiences love her energetic, versatile sets, which are always full of surprises. In the summer of 2011 Lia featured on the cover of CKM, with a bound-on exclusive CD featuring her hits and songs, including the instant hit ‘Wicked Game’. Between performances Lia starts to focus all her time on making music in the studio and ‘Never Again’ is released. 2011 also sees Lia become a member of Radio Face’s DJ team, one of Budapest’s most popular youth stations, and her sets can be heard in the most popular program every Friday.

The start of 2012 sees Lia sign a deal with the German artist management agency, PBA and her DJ/producer career continues to rise. She’s increasingly in demand all over the world and is invited to play a set at the Formula 1 Race in Monaco and also at the opening for LMFAO in Prague where she gives a truly outstanding performance

Lia’s performances combined with her professionalism means that she always getting asked to go back – it shows what a great job she’s doing and going back is something she loves to do. 2012 also sees globally renowned record company, Kontor release ‘Wicked Game’, which lands in several international charts and reaches No.2 in the British Dance Chart.

Lia also presents her new project, Partyrockers with Attila Talán, who was named ’voice of the year’ in the talent show, Megastar, which ran on TV 2, one of Hungary’s leading TV stations. They mix and charge up Lia’s dance music with Attila’s rock-tinged preferences to create a song, which is made for the clubs and is a perfect tune for the dancefloor, complete with the singer’s unique and emotional performance.

2013 has seen remixes of her latest single ‘Hear Me’ being made by internationally celebrated artists such as Mike Newman, Jorge Montia & Coqui Selection and Muzikfabrik as well as being released by the acclaimed Housesession company run by Tune Brothers.

When not performing, Lia spends most of her time in the studio working with leading producers, acknowledged both in Hungary and abroad.

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